The Importance of Ground Earth and Earthing

When measuring electricity for various properties, ground or earth often serves as an optimal reference point. Known as grounding or earthing, earth acts as a common return path for electrical current or may provide a direct physical connection to the electric charge. For true earth ground, such conditions are defined as when a conductive pipe or rod is inserted into the earth with a minimum depth of 8 feet. Due to the electrically neutral state of earth, there is a lack of electrical wavering which makes earth both a good reference point and a way to make electrical operations safer.

During the 19th century, long distance electromagnetic telegraphs were under development, and two or more wires were required for relaying transmissions and for returning currents. In the 1830s, German scientist Carl August Steinheil discovered that the earth could serve as a viable return path for an electric charge, removing the need for a return wire for completing a circuit. As this idea continued to develop, many improvements were made to earthing such as the reintroduction of the metallic circuit system and watering ground rods during dry conditions to combat the resistance of earth.

In regard to building wiring installations, an earthing system or grounding system ensures that electrical power distribution systems have a connection to earth ground for the means of limiting transient voltages that arise from static electricity or other conditions. This can be achieved through a variety of ways, often being dependent upon the application in question. With power poles that transfer electricity across neighborhoods, for example, grounding is often achieved through having an earth grounding wire attached from the pole and driven into the ground. With the addition of this wire, excess voltage can safely be conducted into the earth. On standard outlets in United States homes, the third prong is also a means for attaching a circuit to earth ground for safety.

When one is conducting testing for an electrical system or device, the earth may serve as an optimal reference point. For example, multiple test equipment pieces can be connected to earth ground through wiring, allowing for a common grounding point and reference to be established between all. This ensures that a constant potential reference is maintained for more accurate measurements of other potentials. To ensure that the ground reference point is accurate, the resistance between ground terminals may be measured with multiple pieces of test equipment.

Beyond providing safety to circuits or offering a means for testing, earth ground is also useful for a number of other reasons. Lightning strikes often pose a threat to certain structures or spaces, and grounding may ensure that strikes have a conductive path to reach earth without passing through sensitive areas. Generally, these lighting protection systems will dissipate the high current of the strike while ensuring that heat is unable to damage components. Beyond such an example, grounding is also relied on for electrical isolation, radio antenna operations, and much more.

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