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List of Marine Ignition System Parts

1.5 Ohm Flame-Thrower Ignition Coil | Pertronix 40111, 1.5 Ohm Flame-Thrower Ignition Coil | Pertronix 40011, Bosch 4 Cylinder Ignitor Electronic Ignition Kit | Pertronix 2842, Prestolite V6 Idu Bid Electronic Ignition Kit | Pertronix 2562, Prestolite Electronic Ignition Module parts are just some of the items that we have at Aviation Purchasing Platform. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have an ever expanding inventory of over six billion new, used, and obsolete parts from manufacturers such as Pertronix, Crusader, Champion, CDI Electronics, Bombardier Recreational Products. Whether you need IG-40111, IG-40011, IG-2842, IG-2562, IG-1589, or other aerospace components, our expert team can provide you with rapid lead-times. Our customers trust us for our quality and dedication, and we are proud to operate as an FAA AC 0056B accredited and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified enterprise. Get a competitive quote today by sending us an RFQ.

Part No RFQ
IG-40111 RFQ
IG-40011 RFQ
IG-2842 RFQ
IG-2562 RFQ
IG-1589 RFQ
IG-1582 RFQ
IG-1581 RFQ
IG-1568 RFQ
IG-1564 RFQ
IG-1563B RFQ
IG-1163A RFQ
IG-1146A RFQ
CRU-RP173081 RFQ
CRU-RP030011 RFQ
CRU-RP030010 RFQ
CRU-RP030009 RFQ
CRU-RK120020 RFQ
CRU-RK120019 RFQ
CRU-RA108009 RFQ
CRU-RA108006 RFQ
CRU-RA107044 RFQ
CRU-R119001 RFQ
CRU-R117005 RFQ
CRU-R116014 RFQ
CRU-R115001 RFQ
CRU-R114004 RFQ
CRU-R108001 RFQ
CRU-R103011 RFQ
CRU-R103008 RFQ
CRU-R103004 RFQ
CRU-R103001 RFQ
CRU-98171 RFQ
CRU-98070 RFQ
CRU-97782 K RFQ
CRU-97454 RFQ
CRU-97423 RFQ
CRU-41052 RFQ
CDI-E66-0007 RFQ
CDI-E11-0003 RFQ
CDI-994-4841 RFQ
CDI-994-4463 RFQ
CDI-994-4371 RFQ
CDI-934-7124 RFQ
CDI-934-1945 RFQ
CDI-931-4922 RFQ
CDI-931-4921 RFQ
CDI-187-6511 RFQ
CDI-184-0004 RFQ
CDI-183-4632 RFQ
CDI-183-4477 RFQ
CDI-183-3740 RFQ
CDI-183-3737 RFQ
CDI-183-2508 RFQ
CDI-183-2382 RFQ
CDI-183-2366 RFQ
CDI-183-2303 RFQ
CDI-176-3095 RFQ
CDI-174-9873-16 RFQ
CDI-174-9710K 1 RFQ
CDI-174-9610K 2 RFQ
CDI-174-8778K 1 RFQ
CDI-174-6617K 1 RFQ
CDI-174-6617A17 RFQ
CDI-174-5721 RFQ
CDI-174-5456-16 RFQ
CDI-174-5456 RFQ
CDI-174-5454K 1 RFQ
CDI-174-5255 RFQ
CDI-174-4793 RFQ
CDI-174-3996 RFQ
CDI-174-2075K 2 RFQ
CDI-173-4981 RFQ
CDI-173-4954 RFQ
CDI-173-4849 RFQ
CDI-173-4766 RFQ
CDI-173-4643 RFQ
CDI-173-4560 RFQ
CDI-173-4292 RFQ
CDI-173-4287 RFQ
CDI-173-3724 RFQ
CDI-173-3672 RFQ
CDI-173-3668 RFQ
CDI-173-3536 RFQ
CDI-173-3117 RFQ
CDI-173-2926K 1 RFQ
CDI-173-1670 RFQ
CDI-173-1651 RFQ
CDI-173-1235 RFQ
CDI-173-1232 RFQ
CDI-173-1225 RFQ
CDI-173-1130 RFQ
CDI-144-1889-51 RFQ
CDI-134-9021-4 RFQ
CDI-134-9021-3 RFQ
CDI-134-9021-2 RFQ
CDI-134-8303-4 RFQ
CDI-134-8302-3 RFQ
CDI-134-7029-4 RFQ
CDI-134-7029-3 RFQ
CDI-134-6456 RFQ
CDI-134-6454 RFQ
CDI-134-6453 RFQ
CDI-134-6452 RFQ
CDI-134-4512-3 RFQ
CDI-134-3960-2 RFQ
CDI-134-3736 RFQ
CDI-133-5386 RFQ
CDI-133-4804 RFQ
CDI-133-3853 RFQ
CDI-133-3533 RFQ
CDI-133-3379 RFQ
CDI-133-3378 RFQ
CDI-133-3377 RFQ
CDI-133-3376 RFQ
CDI-133-1900 RFQ
CDI-133-1251 RFQ
CDI-123-9898-P RFQ
CDI-123-9800 RFQ
CDI-123-7878 RFQ
CDI-123-7571 RFQ
CDI-123-7567 RFQ
CDI-123-7566 RFQ
CDI-119-2402 RFQ
CDI-119-2400 RFQ
CDI-117-6H5-02 RFQ
CDI-117-6H3-11 RFQ
CDI-117-6E5-12 RFQ
CDI-117-695-11 RFQ
CDI-117-6921 RFQ
CDI-117-688-15 RFQ
CDI-116-2379K 2 RFQ
CDI-114-9052 RFQ
CDI-114-7778 RFQ
CDI-114-7509 RFQ
CDI-114-7452K 1 RFQ
CDI-114-7452A 3 RFQ
CDI-114-6222 RFQ
CDI-114-5772 RFQ
CDI-114-5713 RFQ
CDI-114-4953-32 RFQ
CDI-114-4953 RFQ
CDI-114-4952A30 RFQ
CDI-114-4911 RFQ
CDI-114-4796 RFQ
CDI-114-2986K 1 RFQ
CDI-114-2986 RFQ
CDI-113-7123 RFQ
CDI-113-6367K 1 RFQ
CDI-113-6292K 1 RFQ
CDI-113-6292 RFQ
CDI-113-6212 RFQ
CDI-113-5316 RFQ
CDI-113-4985 RFQ
CDI-113-4808 RFQ
CDI-113-4783 RFQ
CDI-113-4767 RFQ
CDI-113-4489 RFQ
CDI-113-4041 RFQ
CDI-113-4037 RFQ
CDI-113-4030 RFQ
CDI-113-4028 RFQ
CDI-113-3865 RFQ
CDI-113-3748 RFQ
CDI-113-3241 RFQ
CDI-113-3114 RFQ
CDI-113-3110 RFQ
CDI-113-3101 RFQ
CDI-113-2705 RFQ
CDI-113-2651 RFQ
CDI-113-2453 RFQ
CDI-113-2285 RFQ
CDI-113-2138 RFQ
CDI-113-2125 RFQ
CDI-113-2115 RFQ
CDI-113-1731 RFQ
CDI-113-1726 RFQ
CDI-113-1397 RFQ
BRP-5011240 RFQ
BRP-5005801 RFQ
BRP-5005800 RFQ
BRP-0585133 RFQ
BRP-0582365 RFQ
BRP-0508180 RFQ
BRP-0505448 RFQ
BRP-0502180 RFQ
BRP-0398692 RFQ
BRP-0176410 RFQ
BRP-0176408 RFQ
ACD-41-993 RFQ
ACD-41-101 RFQ
4142738M RFQ
3745215 RFQ
3745214 RFQ

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