What Are Hex Nuts and Their Types?

Whether for aviation or any other industrial applications, fasteners must be strong and reliable in order to hold assemblies together. As such, there are countless fastener types available for varying purposes, ranging in different sizes, shapes, materials, and more. A very popular choice across industries is to use a nut and bolt configuration; the bolt is a male fastener intended to mate with the nut or female fastener. Nuts are internally threaded to allow for the insertion of bolts, and they vary in types across applications. While all bolts have circular openings, hex nuts are a specific type of nut with a hexagonal exterior. For your better knowledge, this blog will explore some popular types of hex nuts used across industries.

The basic hex nut is a standard hex nut, an internally threaded female fastener without any special modifications or additional features. Available in a variety of metals and materials, hex nuts are highly versatile and reliable. The main variation to pay attention to when procuring a standard design is the size, as this will impact the size of the bolt or externally threaded fastener with which your nut will mate with, in addition to the amount of space it will occupy around the bolt. 

While standard hex nut designs maintain an even width around their hole, flange hex nuts offer the benefit of using an additional, separate washer. Since one end of a flange nut is wider than the other, their wide flange mimics the properties of a washer by absorbing and distributing the load over a wider area. 

Some applications require fasteners that will maintain a strong grip in the face of vibrations during operation. In most cases, vibration will cause typical hex nuts and bolts to loosen, so slotted hex nuts were designed to combat this issue. Slotted hex nuts have vertical grooves or slots around their body, allowing for better vibration resistance. Also known as castellated nuts, slotted hex nuts are a type of locknut used to hold their position without loosening after installation.

The final type of hex nut we will cover in this blog is the capped hex nut, those of which have a round cap or dome on one end. This cap mainly works to provide protection to the exposed end of the mated bolt. This prevents the bolt from sustaining any damage from its working environment while offering a cleaner look. Whether you are in the market for standard, flange, spotted, capped, or any other hex nut, be sure to turn to a reliable supplier for all of your procurement needs. At Aviation Purchasing Platform, you can find all of the fasteners you need with rapid lead times and competitive cost savings.

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March 20, 2023

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