In the realm of aviation, fasteners serve as one of the most crucial aspects of aircraft assembly. For a typical commercial airliner, around 50% of all parts used during the manufacturing process will consist of fasteners. Based on the parts that are being assembled and various requirements or needs, a number of fastener types may be used. For the seducing of aircraft cowlings and fairings, Camloc fasteners are regularly relied on. While highly reliable and easy to use, there are various Camloc fastener subtypes that one may choose from, necessitating one having a basic understanding of what such fasteners do and the types that are available for use.

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Some of the most exciting components of an aircraft are highly visible, such as the fuselage, the engines, and the aircraft instruments. These are intense displays of innovations in aviation. However, sometimes we don’t realize that there are millions of other aircraft parts that are integral parts of an aircraft, or that some of the simplest components can also be exciting and impressive. For example, the nuts and bolts utilized on an aircraft are not your everyday kind of material. For example, aircraft bolts are composed of corrosion resistant steel and exceed a tensile strength of 125,000 psi. They don’t bend easily like an average bolt. Aircraft fasteners may be made from aluminum, super alloys, titanium, or steel and include screws, rivets, bolts, pins, collars, and many more.

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