How to choose the correct hydraulic fitting and tube for your specific needs

When deciding what kind of hydraulic fittings and tubes are right for you, there are several factors you should keep in mind.  To best remember these factors, utilize the STAMP acronym – Size, Temperature, Application, Media and Pressure. 


The OD (outside diameter) and wall thickness should always be considered when choosing a correct fit.  System pressure, flow rate and service environment also need to be examined to ensure proper size selection.


The correct operating temperature range for tube fittings is dependent upon the material, plating and type of seal used (if applicable).  Refer to table below for help with material/seal selections based on temperature ranges.


The environment you will be using the fitting in is influential as well.  It is routine for a protective coating to be used with a steel fitting to extend life expectancy in a corrosive environment.  Most commonly, a zinc finish will be used to protect the steel base from rusting.  In cases of extremely corrosive environments, stainless steel or brass may be more viable options.


The kind of fluid being transferred is another important factor to consider when choosing the correct type of fitting and seal.  Refer to the table below as a guide.


There are two different kinds of aircraft hydraulic system components, dynamic and static.  Dynamic systems are more common than the latter and are generally able to withstand around 1 million operating cycles without breakdown.  Static systems on the other hand, cannot exceed 30,000 operating cycles but they are free of pressure surges, shocks and vibrations.

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