Shock Absorbers and Their Common Types

For vehicles or assemblies that are in motion, shock often proves to be a detrimental force that can easily lead to various forms of damage over time. While there are various methods of mitigating the effects of shock, the most common is to implement shock absorbers. Also known as dampers, shock absorbers come in various types to support a wide variety of applications. In this blog, we will provide a brief overview of shock absorbers and their common types, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Shock absorbers are devices that are either mechanical or hydraulic, and they are specifically engineered to absorb and dampen shock impulses. To do this, the shock absorber takes on the kinetic energy of a shock before transforming it into another form of energy for dissipation, such as heat. While springs are a common solution for shock absorption, any rigidity will lead to prolonged vibration after force is induced. As a result, shock absorbers are important as they strike a balance between rigidity and flexibility.

Hydraulic shock absorbers are the most common iteration found in automobiles, and like their name suggests, they operate through the use of hydraulic components and fluids. By forcing fluids through check valves and small holes, pressure can be used to resist the spring action of a shock load.

Double acting shock absorbers are another subtype, featuring resistance during the compression and rebound phase of the spring. Often utilizing highly flexible springs, double acting shock absorbers are an additional option that is commonly found within automobile assemblies. Single acting shock absorbers are fairly similar, albeit only producing resistance during the rebounding stage of the spring.

For automobile suspension devices that utilize hydraulic oil, the lever type shock absorber is a solution. An indirect-acting type, the lever shock absorber is bolted to the chassis of a vehicle through the lever and link. Lever type shock absorbers feature a double piston arrangement, allowing for oil to be forced through a piston valve to generate resistance as the axle moves up and down.

If a direct-acting solution is needed, then the telescopic type shock absorber may be useful. Mounted between the axle and frame of an assembly, the upper eye is attached to the axle while the lower eye is connected to the chassis. Telescopic shock absorbers are capable of taking on bump and rebound strokes to take on shocks, and they are useful for vehicle stability during rapid acceleration or braking.

Alongside such examples, one may also take advantage of a wide variety of other options, each of which feature different parts and capabilities to accommodate different applications. As shock absorbers are often tasked with taking on the brunt of destructive forces, they will wear out over time. To avoid a costly breakdown or failure, shock absorbers and their related components should be regularly inspected and maintained. If you ever find yourself in need of top quality shock absorbers, look no further than Aviation Purchasing Platform.

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