What Are Pop Rivets and Their Use?

Rivets are a common fastener type used in numerous industries and construction applications, allowing for a permanent joint to be installed with the use of a single component and tool. With a standard rivet, the installation process simply required one to pass the tail-end of the fastener through a preformed hole before deforming it to create a second head. While this installation technique is quite easy, it requires one to have access to both sides of an assembly, that of which may not be the most feasible for applications such as aircraft construction. In these cases, specialized fasteners must be used, the most popular form being the pop rivet.

Pop rivets, more commonly known as blind rivets, are blind fasteners that feature a two-piece riveting system that composes a body and an internal mandrel. Pop rivets are most commonly used for securing two or more parts together, such as sheet metal surfaces or similar components. To begin installation, the blind fastener is first passed through the pre-cut holes of the components in question. Then, a specialized, handheld tool known as a pop rivet gun is used to draw the mandrel outward from the body.  As this is done, the force of drawing the mandrel will cause the body of the rivet to begin expanding, and the mandrel head will strike the shell and further this expansion. Eventually, the mandrel will snap off of the rivet, leaving a permanently installed rivet that can be highly relied on.

While pop rivets differ from other various types in their design and use, they are fairly simple to use as long as one has the correct tools. Additionally, their final installation is quite strong and durable, ensuring reliability under various environmental stresses. While the internal mandrel of the rivet is generally made of steel, the body or shell will most likely be aluminum. This allows them to act as optimal aviation rivets as their aluminum body will be lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant.

For aircraft in particular, blind rivets are most commonly found on trailing edges where there may be no access to the back side of the assembly, or where accessibility would require disassembly. As a result, pop rivets are very advantageous for any hard-to-reach area. When procuring blind or pop rivets, common sizes will be 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch, and 3/16 inch for the diameter. Furthermore, there may be various alternatives to pop rivets based on the application, such as Cherry rivets that are similar in their ability to act as a self-plugging blind rivet.

If a blind rivet becomes damaged, worn, or aged and requires replacement, it is important that you know how to properly remove them. For the most part, pop rivets are fairly simple to remove, only requiring a drill bit or another similar tool to break the head off. Once the old rivet is removed, a new pop rivet should be installed with care to ensure that the assembly remains secure. If you are in the market for top-quality pop rivets and other fastener types you can rely on, look no further than Aviation Purchasing Platform.

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