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Some of the most exciting components of an aircraft are highly visible, such as the fuselage, the engines, and the aircraft instruments. These are intense displays of innovations in aviation. However, sometimes we don’t realize that there are millions of other aircraft parts that are integral parts of an aircraft, or that some of the simplest components can also be exciting and impressive. For example, the nuts and bolts utilized on an aircraft are not your everyday kind of material. For example, aircraft bolts are composed of corrosion resistant steel and exceed a tensile strength of 125,000 psi. They don’t bend easily like an average bolt. Aircraft fasteners may be made from aluminum, super alloys, titanium, or steel and include screws, rivets, bolts, pins, collars, and many more.

The type of fastener chosen will be based on the load that it’s exposed to in its application (shear or tension) and it must be capable of transferring loads and withstanding the stress. A shear load produces a sliding motion that can cause failure of a component. Tension stress occurs when objects are pulled away from each other: it could make the material stretch and will break at a certain point that is individual to the type of material. The type of stress or load that a fastener will face depends on the location within the aircraft and the environment in which the aircraft will be operating. Various loads produced during flight can be the result of towing, flight operations, wind-gusts, pressurization, etc.

Fastener names, or codes, may be determined by the fastener manufacturer, an industry standard, or the airframe manufacturer. Their descriptions can be found in fastener books, repair drawings, and production blueprints. Blueprints and repair drawings will include the proper way to attach a fastener. It’s critical to follow all proper procedures when applying or repairing fasteners because they quite literally hold the aircraft together.

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