Choosing the right miniature thrust bearing

Thrust bearings are a common feature in the automotive and aerospace industries. Thrust bearings are low friction bearings with a rotating shaft— they help with rotation between parts while simultaneously resisting thrust. The main purpose of a thrust bearing is to handle the axial load. Thrust bearings can also be used in an application where the support shafts are out of alignment. These bearings are mainly used in applications that operate at higher speeds and require oil lubrication.

Thrust bearings come in two varieties: ball thrust bearings and roller thrust bearings. Ball thrust bearings are composed of ball bearings and are mainly used in applications that require a small amount of radial load. The washer for this bearing is either flat or grooved and supported in a ring. Roller thrust bearings are composed of cylindrical rolling elements and can handle a higher load. The washers for this bearing are typically only flat.

Miniature thrust bearings are a smaller version of the original thrust bearing. Ranging in size with bores from 2.0mm with flat washers or to 3.0mm with 6.00-8.00MM grooved washers, they also permit rotation between parts. But unlike full-size thrust bearings, miniature bearings are designed to withstand thrust or axial loads only. All miniature thrust bearings must be kept in matching sets for proper performance.

Bearings are typically made from chrome steel or stainless steel. This type of material is necessary as it is the only type of material that will allow for the necessary load carrying. Bearings also endure massive amounts of mechanical stress, so it is important to choose a material that withstands pressure.

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