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Digitron - Spare Parts and Components Lookup by page 17

Digitron parts are just a few of the top-quality items we have in our stock of over 3 billion parts at Aviation Purchasing Platform. We work with trustworthy aircraft parts manufacturers to bring you parts like 2N4352, 2N4238, 40408, 40421, 2N521 and our commitment to being the only independent distributor with a No China Sourcing Policy ensures each part we sell comes from a legitimate source. Our unmatches supply chain network provides us with the means to ship parts with short lead times and competitive prices. Sound good? To begin the procurement process, submit an RFQ today.

Part No. RFQ
2N4352 RFQ
2N4238 RFQ
40408 RFQ
40421 RFQ
2N521 RFQ
2N520A RFQ
2N4339 RFQ
2N4341 RFQ
2N4269 RFQ
2N4303 RFQ
40403 RFQ
40406 RFQ
2N4287 RFQ
2N4354 RFQ
2N4381 RFQ
2N4380 RFQ
2N438 RFQ
2N4360 RFQ
2N428A RFQ
2N4290 RFQ
2N4288 RFQ
2N4291 RFQ
2N4383 RFQ
2N4384 RFQ
2N4386 RFQ
2N4388 RFQ
2N438A RFQ
2N439 RFQ
2N4342 RFQ
2N4289 RFQ
2N4314 RFQ
2N4302 RFQ
2N4304 RFQ
2N5662 RFQ
2N4313 RFQ
2N4305 RFQ
2N4338 RFQ
2N4301 RFQ
2N427 RFQ
2N4270 RFQ
2N4271 RFQ
2N4272 RFQ
2N4274 RFQ
2N4280 RFQ
2N4248 RFQ
2N4249 RFQ
2N424A RFQ
2N5680 RFQ
2N4250 RFQ
2N4283 RFQ
2N4292 RFQ
2N4275 RFQ
2N4276 RFQ
2N4294 RFQ
2N4277 RFQ
2N4279 RFQ
2N428 RFQ
2N4250A RFQ
2N4251 RFQ
2N4295 RFQ
2N5669 RFQ
2N4259 RFQ
2N4260 RFQ
2N4253 RFQ
2N4255 RFQ
2N4265 RFQ
2N4256 RFQ
2N4258 RFQ
2N4258A RFQ
2N5672 RFQ
2N424 RFQ
2N4240 RFQ
2N4243 RFQ
2N4246 RFQ
2N4247 RFQ
2N5682 RFQ
2N4237 RFQ
2N4239 RFQ
2N4233A RFQ
2N5658 RFQ
2N5665 RFQ
2N5666 RFQ
2N5679 RFQ
2N5667 RFQ
2SD1497 RFQ
2SD1498 RFQ
2SD1548 RFQ
2N5668 RFQ
2SD242 RFQ
2SD234 RFQ
2SD2349 RFQ
2SD1457 RFQ
2SD1459 RFQ
2SD235 RFQ
2SD2222P RFQ
2SD2241 RFQ
2SD221 RFQ
2SD1441 RFQ
2SD1622 RFQ
2SD1413 RFQ
2SD1442 RFQ
2SD1623 RFQ
2SD1624 RFQ
2SD1625 RFQ
2SD1616 RFQ
2SD1400 RFQ
2SD1403 RFQ
2SD1618 RFQ
2SD1590 RFQ
2SD1609 RFQ
2SD1559 RFQ
2SD1343P RFQ
2SD1577 RFQ
2SD1579 RFQ
2SD1546 RFQ
2SD1492 RFQ
2SD1496 RFQ
2SD1509 RFQ
2SD1446 RFQ
2SD1455 RFQ
2SD1456 RFQ
2SD1431 RFQ
2SD1432 RFQ
2SD1439 RFQ
2SD2155 RFQ
2SD218 RFQ
2SD1237 RFQ
2SD1237L RFQ
2SD1238 RFQ
2SD1238L RFQ
2SD1245 RFQ
2SD1246 RFQ
2SD1394 RFQ
2SD1396 RFQ
2SD1398 RFQ
2SD1399 RFQ
2SD1349 RFQ
2SD1378 RFQ
2SD1333 RFQ
2SD1341P RFQ
2SD1308 RFQ
2SD1194 RFQ
2SD1195 RFQ
2SD1196 RFQ
2SD114 RFQ
2SD1278 RFQ
2SD1279 RFQ
2SD1147 RFQ
2SD1148 RFQ
2SD1270 RFQ
2SD1271 RFQ
2SD1163 RFQ
2SD1163A RFQ
2SD1296 RFQ
2SD1273 RFQ
2SD1274B RFQ
2SD1275 RFQ
2SD1264A RFQ
2SD1265 RFQ
2SD1230 RFQ
2SD1235 RFQ
2SD1412 RFQ
2SD1065 RFQ
2SD1236L RFQ
2SD1207 RFQ
2SD1212 RFQ
2SD1169 RFQ
2SD1047 RFQ
2SD1213 RFQ
2SD1175 RFQ
2SD1187 RFQ
2SD1192 RFQ
2SD1193 RFQ
2SD1145 RFQ
2SD1145F RFQ
2SD1016 RFQ
2SD1018 RFQ
2SD1128 RFQ
2SD1161 RFQ
2SD113 RFQ
2SD1088 RFQ
2SD1090 RFQ
2SD1094 RFQ
2SD1059 RFQ
2SD1060 RFQ
2SD1061 RFQ
2SD1062 RFQ
2SD1063 RFQ
2SD1064 RFQ
2SD1247 RFQ
2SD1044 RFQ
2SD1046 RFQ
2SD1048 RFQ
2SD1024 RFQ
2SD1049 RFQ
2SC943 RFQ
2SC945 RFQ
2SD1026 RFQ
2SC911 RFQ
2SC914 RFQ
2N5226 RFQ
2N5229 RFQ
2N522A RFQ
2N523 RFQ
2N5231 RFQ
2N5232 RFQ
2N5232A RFQ
2SD1027 RFQ
2SD1012 RFQ
2SD1012F RFQ
2N5652 RFQ
2N5653 RFQ
2N5654 RFQ
2N5655 RFQ
2N5656 RFQ
2N5657 RFQ
2N5659 RFQ
2SC979-0 RFQ
2N5661 RFQ
2N4170 RFQ
2N4173 RFQ
2N4092A RFQ
2SC980 RFQ
2SC982 RFQ
2SC983 RFQ
2N4148 RFQ
2N414A RFQ
2N414B RFQ
2N414C RFQ
2N415 RFQ
2N4015 RFQ
2N4016 RFQ
2N402 RFQ
2N4150 RFQ
2SC952 RFQ
2N4128 RFQ
2SC959 RFQ
2SC960 RFQ
2N414 RFQ
2N417 RFQ
2N4222A RFQ
2N4140 RFQ
2SC968 RFQ
2SC979 RFQ
2N4223 RFQ
2SC930 RFQ
2SD1073 RFQ
2SD1087 RFQ
2N4228 RFQ
2N4231A RFQ
2N4210 RFQ
2N4211 RFQ
2N4214 RFQ
2SC898 RFQ
2N5640 RFQ
2N5641 RFQ
2N5642 RFQ
2N5643 RFQ
2N4216 RFQ
2N4217 RFQ
2N4218 RFQ
2N422 RFQ
2N4220 RFQ
2N4220A RFQ
2N5630 RFQ
2SC940 RFQ
2N4198 RFQ
2N4199 RFQ
2SC941 RFQ
2N4203 RFQ
2N5631 RFQ
2N5632 RFQ
2N5634 RFQ
2N5635 RFQ
2N5637 RFQ
2N5638 RFQ
2N5639 RFQ
2N5598 RFQ
2N5237 RFQ
2SC897 RFQ
2N4232A RFQ
2N566 RFQ
2N5606 RFQ
2N5609 RFQ
2N5660 RFQ
2N5224 RFQ
2N5612 RFQ
2N5225 RFQ
2N4147 RFQ
2N4168 RFQ
2N5627 RFQ
2N5628 RFQ
2N5629 RFQ
2N5573 RFQ
2N4127 RFQ
2N4134 RFQ
2N4138 RFQ
2N413A RFQ
2N4146 RFQ
2N4204 RFQ
2N5556 RFQ
2N5557 RFQ
2N5558 RFQ
2N5591 RFQ
2N4235 RFQ
2N5559 RFQ
2N5561 RFQ
2N5562 RFQ
2N4224 RFQ
2N4225 RFQ
2N5566 RFQ
2N557 RFQ
2N4236 RFQ
2N4226 RFQ
2N3956 RFQ
2N3956A RFQ
2N3957 RFQ
2SC936 RFQ
2N4187 RFQ
2N3962 RFQ
2N3934 RFQ
2N3935 RFQ
2N394 RFQ
2N3940 RFQ
2N3943 RFQ
2N3944A RFQ
2N3945A RFQ
2N3946 RFQ
2N3947 RFQ
2N3954 RFQ
2N3954A RFQ
2N3955 RFQ
2N3955A RFQ
2N4125 RFQ
2N4119 RFQ
2N4119A RFQ
2N412 RFQ
2N4122 RFQ
2N4188 RFQ
2N4201 RFQ
2N4105 RFQ
2N4202 RFQ
2N5600 RFQ
2N4124 RFQ
2N4082 RFQ
2N4113 RFQ
2N4115 RFQ
2N4116 RFQ
2N4117 RFQ
2N4118A RFQ
2N4083 RFQ
2N4084 RFQ
2N4085 RFQ
2N4086 RFQ
2N4087 RFQ
2N4091 RFQ
2N4092 RFQ
2N410 RFQ
2N4059 RFQ
2N406 RFQ
2N4061 RFQ
2N5601 RFQ
2N5603 RFQ
2N5604 RFQ
2N5570 RFQ
2N5611 RFQ
2N4071 RFQ
2N4072 RFQ
2N5621 RFQ
2N5622 RFQ
2N5626 RFQ
2N5574 RFQ
2N5578 RFQ
2N5583 RFQ
2N5589 RFQ
2N5552 RFQ
2N5555 RFQ
2N5564 RFQ
2N5565 RFQ
2N3959 RFQ
2N564 RFQ
2N4103 RFQ
2N4104 RFQ
2N4108 RFQ
2N4006 RFQ
2N4007 RFQ
2N4008 RFQ
2N411 RFQ
2N4062 RFQ
2N4033 RFQ
2N4100 RFQ
2N4101 RFQ
2N4047 RFQ
2N3997 RFQ
2N3998 RFQ
2N3999 RFQ
2N4070 RFQ
2N408 RFQ
2N404A RFQ
2N4001 RFQ
2N4037 RFQ
2N4038 RFQ
2N3967 RFQ
2N398A RFQ
2N398B RFQ
2N4058 RFQ
2N404 RFQ
2N3996 RFQ
2N3967A RFQ
2N4041 RFQ
2N4044 RFQ
2N4045 RFQ
2N397 RFQ
2N3970 RFQ
2N4034 RFQ
2N4035 RFQ
2N4036 RFQ
2N403 RFQ
2N3932 RFQ
2N3976 RFQ
2N3978 RFQ
2N3906B RFQ
2N3963 RFQ
2N3964 RFQ
2N4030 RFQ
2N3933 RFQ
2N4032 RFQ
2N3910 RFQ
2N3911 RFQ
2N3913 RFQ
2N3915 RFQ
2N3920 RFQ
2N3921 RFQ
2N4004 RFQ
2N4010 RFQ
2N3906 RFQ
2N3904 RFQ
2N4011 RFQ
2N4013 RFQ
2N4014 RFQ
2N4025 RFQ
2N398 RFQ
2N3980 RFQ
2N4000 RFQ
1N4731C RFQ
1N4731D RFQ
1N4733A RFQ
1N4740C RFQ
2N4002 RFQ
2N4003 RFQ
2N3993 RFQ
1N4738B RFQ
1N4738C RFQ
1N4738D RFQ
1N4739A RFQ
2N3993A RFQ
1N4737C RFQ
1N4737D RFQ
1N4738 RFQ
1N4736C RFQ
1N4736D RFQ
1N4737A RFQ
2N3968 RFQ
1N4735A RFQ
2N3969 RFQ
2N396A RFQ
1N4733D RFQ
1N4734A RFQ
2N3927 RFQ
2N393 RFQ
2N3930 RFQ
2N3972 RFQ
2N3974 RFQ
2N3907 RFQ
2N3907A RFQ
2N3909 RFQ
2N3923 RFQ
2N3924 RFQ
2N3902 RFQ
2N3903 RFQ
2022P RFQ
2021P RFQ
1N4729A RFQ
1N464A RFQ
1N4655 RFQ
1N4728A RFQ
1N4145 RFQ
1N4732C RFQ
1N4732D RFQ
1N4739C RFQ

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