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Handle Cramp - NSN Components Sourcing

Aviation Purchasing Platform is an ASAP Semiconductor owned and operated website, designed to offer our customers a streamlined solution for the parts procurement process. With access to an inventory of over six billion parts, we feature Handle Cramp parts like 170-12283-001 from premium manufacturers like Embraer Aircraft Holding Inc. ASAP is committed to simplifying the procurement process through cross-referencing part numbers with CAGE codes and implementing quality control measures, which is why we are the only independent supplier with a No China Sourcing pledge. Every buyer we serve works with a dedicated account manager ready to create customized solutions to your procurement problems.

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Manufacturer's List of Handle Cramp

Part Number's List for Handle Cramp

Part No. RFQ
170-12283-001 RFQ

Relevant Components for Handle Cramp

01 04 05 channel assy brake 01 06 04 channel assy door reinfor 01 10 01 channel left
01 13 03 channel 01 27 03 channel 01 29 03 channel
02 07 01 channel assy rt upper coc 02 07 02 channel assy left 02 13 01 channel cowl lft
02 13 05 gasket door outside handl 02 14 02 handle 02 16 07 channel
02 19 01 channel 02 20 04 channel 02 26 01 channel
02 26 02 channel 03 11 04 handle door assy c40 03 19 02 channel assy fuselage b
03 19 03 channel shin guard 03 31 07 cover assy flap handles b 04 10 04 channel
04 13 01 cover left hand 04 14 01 cover right hand 04 14 03 channel
04 18 01 channel 04 21 03 cover assy flap handle r 04 26 06 channel assy rear floorbo
04 29 02 channel 04 30 03 channel assy 05 01 01 cover left hand
05 02 01 channel 05 07 03 channel assy tunnel right 05 12 03 channel
05 22 02 channel seat trim 06 03 02 channel random colors 06 11 03 channel
06 16 03 tube seat latch mechani 0609 8d ring shank nails 07 15 04 channel
07 22 02 channel upper centee coc 07 24 02 channel assy random colo 07 24 02 channel random colors
07 29 02 channel 08 04 03 aileron assy lft hand 08 16 04 windshield channel
08 20 01 handle no key lock dwg 46 08 21 02 channel assy inst panel 09 01 01 handle
09 09 02 channel 09 09 02 channel assy 09 15 09 hanger assy blower
09 29 03 channel 1 000 wd polyurethan 1 4 hex shank bits
1 or 8 polyurethane foam padding 10 09 02 section v channel 4 10 15 03 channel
10 16 03 handle 10 31 05 channel c 3513 10 7 03 channel assy
100tra hand mic piper 474 642 f 116 11 635 hafele handle 154bis grip handle
16 slot dual channel cab 172r pilots handbook 1982 421c pilot op handbook
1qt kit adh amethane 2 chanl relay module 2 channel patch antenna
2 channel xm receiver 2 wire handset 200 5210 100 fet p chan
200ml pneu handgun 1 1 2 1 kit 206h pilots handbook 206h pilots handbook rev 2
208b pilot s handbook 2279 handle 23707 handle webbed
269a c handbook of maintenance ins 2hand orbit sand6x3 8non cet 2nd hand rail mod
2nd handrail 2nd handrail inst 2nd handrail install
2nd hanrail 3 channel amp 3 channel amplifier
3 channel audio amplifier 3 channel wireless audio transmitt 30 deg thin head short handle
330 2 wheel handling 340 mm change 29 375 d hand reamer
38t electret noise canceling hand 4 8 chan multplxr 4 channel preamp
4 channel xm receiver 4 door locking door handle kit 400ml man handgun 1 1 2 1 kit
400ml pneu handgun 1 1 2 1 kit 4037623 body handle 411 001450 1 handle
429 crew door handle 42f 6 union parker hannifin 42f 8 union parker hannifin
5 channel vm06735 a 5 disk cd changer blaupunkt i 5 slot single channel mau
500 polyurethane foam 500t electret hand mic faa tso 50ml hand pump
53832999 handle 558180 handle brake 56vu switch change
6 channel amplifier 115v 6 channel amplifier 28 v 6 channel audio amplifier
6 disc cd changer 66 tra hand mic rt angle plug 66tra hand mic right angle plug f
6720006004 handgrip cyclic 6789426601 handle 69376 2 crimping hand tool
7 lc401 hand notch 702129 handle assist 704a41110097 handle collective cop
710308 crank handle 75 amp change over relay 76 pil oper handbk
7sc0118 hand pump as 7sc0210 low handle m 80 tooth bent handle flex he
856drh100 60 07 handle 856phd300 10 01 guard handle 8sc0338 door handle
9 slot single channel mau 95 chanel leather executif l h fro 95 chanel leather executif r h fro
95 chanel leather head rest 95504 1202n handle 95504 1376n grip handle
95504 2274r handle grip a frame handle ametek a10 cross chan
a12 cross chan receiver a200 wdm change d8 a3 channel a power supply conv
a3 x channel a5 a channel i o a6 b channel i o
a7 mechanism ckt a9 cross channel receiver and accelerator for ranthane
accelerator mechani access door assembly right hand na achor dual handrail
acme screw right hand acry glo hs urethane platinum r activating mechanis
activator urethane compt slow gl actuating electrical mechanical actuating mechanism
actuation handle assembly ec1 actuation mechanism actuation mechanism assembly
actuator cargo hand actuator channel tab actuator door handle lower
actuator electro mechanical actuator electro mechanical line actuator electro mechanical linear
actuator electro mechanical rota actuator electro mechanical rotary actuator hand brake
actuator kit handle actuator mechanical actuator mechanical aircraft
actuator mechanical linear actuator mechanical manual actuator mechanical nonaircraft
actuator mechanical rotary actuator outline electro mechanica actuator recline left hand
actuator right hand actuator rotary electromechanical actuator steering mechanical
adapt chan mkvi qrm747 eud opp adapter aft engine handling adapter air inlet heat exchanger
adapter assembly hand crank adapter channel adapter channel cle
adapter electrode handle electrosurgical adapter emergency door handle adapter f handgrip
adapter fiber chann adapter ground handling equipmen adapter hand contro
adapter hand lever adapter handcrank a adapter handle
adapter handle assembly cargo door adapter handle ext adapter handpiece
adapter handset adapter handwheel adapter hanger bear
adapter heat exchan adapter landing gear door handle adapter mechanical
adapter mechanical test adapter nine channe adapter outside handle airstair d
adapter pax door external handle adapter pax door internal handle adapter spring valve handle
adapter tool change adapter turbo chann adapter valve handle
adapter valve handw adapterplate airhan adaptor assy handcr
adaptor handle manual release adaptor hose shank adaptor inner handle
add second handset adhesive handle adhesive polyurethane
adhesive urathane 50ml kit adhesive urethane a b 2oz adhesive urethane a b qt
adhesive urethane sj5816 adjustable handle adjuster left hand
adjuster lefthand adjuster mechanical adjuster pipe hange
adjuster righthand adjustment mechanism adobe urethane ra
advance exchange fee aerator see interchangability aero i handset
aero i system 1 channel aero i system 2 channel aero i system 3 channel
aero i system 4 channel aero i system 5 channel aero i system 6 channel
aero m handset afis channel a afis channel b
aft attach chan ay aft bot supt channel lh aft bot supt channel rh
aft channel assy lh aft channel assy rh aft channel spar wing
aft hand rail assemby main acess d aft handle front aft handle rear
aft handrail assembly airstair doo aft handrail assembly main acces aft handrail assembly main access
aft handrail attach aft right hanside fire harness aft seal channel assy weis
aft section left hand aft section right hand aft slide w handle lh
aft slide w handle rh aft wedge slide w handle lh aft wedge slide w handle rh
agusta a119 hydraulic ground handl aileron assy rh lufthan only c408 aileron ratio changer assy
air channel air deflector channel air handler tail
air inlet left hand side air inlet right hand side air oil heat exchanger
air oil heat exchanger and air flo aircell f m handset aircell f m handset black
aircell handset beige aircell handset black aircell handset lt gry
aircell st3100 corded handset bl aircraft handle airframe mechanic hndbk
airplane flying handbk airsat 1 handset airsat ii 2 channel
airsat1 handset hold airsat1 handset holder airstart handle
aisle footwarmer channel alarm channel elect allege chanel l h head rest
alphanumeric displa alphanumeric keyboa alt release handle
alt release handle assy alum gang channel aluminum channel
amp 3 channel stereo amp hand crimping tools amplifier 3 channel audio
amplifier 3 channel pwr amplifier five chan anchor airstair door handrail
anchor assem door handrail cable anchor fwd handrail air stair anchor hand rail cabin door assemb
anchor handle anchor handling ass anchor handrail airstair d
anchor handrail airstair door anchor handrail airstr doo anchor handrail casting
anchor handrail instl anchor handrail main access door angle assembly left hand
angle channel angle channel assem jackpoint supp angle channel assem partition
angle channel assem partition st angle channel assembly angle channel assy
angle channel attach angle channel mounting left angle channel spar upper cap
angle emerg handle angle flap left han angle floor left hand
angle handle locate aft potable angle handle lower airstair door angle headset hanger
angle headset hanger blkhd angle heat exchanger angle inner handle c
angle left hand angle left hand doo angle left hand swi
angle right hand angle right hand do angle rod instal coat hanger
angle shutter right hand ann box a36 chan annunciator box assem 36 channel l
answer key basic scales hand scoring mmpi 2 answer keys content component scales hand scoring answer keys content scales hand scoring mmpi 2
antenna handling to anti static hand pad 1 24 antibody enhancemen
antibody enhancement test reagen antibody enhancement test reagent anvil hand riveter
anvil hanger arm applicator hand blu 25ct applicator hand gold
applicator handles apron left hand apron right hand
apu fire t handle apu hand pump ar assembly hanger
araldite polyurethane hardener ra araldite polyurethane resin ra arbor quick change
archana premask arctic beige urethane paint kit ra aristo blue 1400 urethane paint ra
ash wood handle asm handlebar cove assembly cca flight dck handset
assembly cca intrphone handset assembly channel assembly coat hang
assembly drive mechanism assembly hand knob assembly handle closeout 16 retra
assembly handset standard black assembly latch handle assembly long hanger cessna
assembly mechanical bezel black si assembly mechanisim assembly medium hanger cessna
assembly shift hand assist hand hol assist handle
assist handle 80016 beige assist handle assy assist handle bac774 wht
assist handle rwrk assy adjacent chan assy baro mechanism
assy channel assy channel cross adapter assy channel floor
assy channel front assy channel lower outboard assy channel mounting
assy channel rear assy cmbr channel cover assy display and mechanism
assy eem handset g beige assy eem handset p black assy hand pump pe
assy hand pump viton assy handle assy handle actuator
assy handle latch assy handle latch 16 monitor assy handle latch 16 retracto
assy handle mechan assy handle shaft inside transla assy handle tracklock
assy handset attendant assy handset box assy handset flight deck tp
assy handset interphone top assy handstaff assy handstaff tubing
assy handwheel lh assy handwheel rh assy heat exchange
assy heat exchanger assy knob channel assy lock mechanism carr
assy mechanical assy mechanism assy pcb airshow 6 channel
assy press change assy screen hanger assy shank handle
assy short hanger cessna assy strm s master hanger assy strm spreader hanger
assy tee handle assy tracklock handle atgm right hand mat
atl 1 channel 12 ai atl 2 channel 1 air atl 2 channel 10 ai
atl 2 channel 11 ai atl 2 channel 12 ai atl 2 channel 13 ai
atl 2 channel 14 ai atl 2 channel 15 ai atl 2 channel 16 ai
atl 2 channel 17 ai atl 2 channel 18 ai atl 2 channel 2 air
atl 2 channel 3 air atl 2 channel 4 air atl 2 channel 5 air
atl 2 channel 6 air atl 2 channel 7 air atl 2 channel 8 air
atl 2 channel 9 air atl channel aircraf atl channel aircraft
attach channel attach channel forw attachment handle assembly
attachment head han attachment left han attendant handset
attndnt handset attndnt hanset aud equp handset telephone w pt
audio board 4 chann auger posthole hand auto float hanger
automatic trim front chanel aux handle pawl av8or handheld european db
av8or handheld with usa db av8tor gps handheld multi funct avia instructor handbook
aviation mechanic handbook aviation mechanic test stand aviation mechanics test stand
axle ass y ground handling w axle free fall mechanism axle handle
axle handling wheel axle wheel ground handling ay ratio changer ai
b d guard assem control handle o baby change table assy back channel
back plate exchange only 114 388 back plate exchange only 114 800 back shoe left hand
back up hand hold back up inflation handle inst

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