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Engine Oil Inlet Connection - NSN Components Sourcing

Aviation Purchasing Platform is an ASAP Semiconductor owned and operated website, designed to offer our customers a streamlined solution for the parts procurement process. With access to an inventory of over six billion parts, we feature Engine Oil Inlet Connection parts like 8945300290 from premium manufacturers like Socata Aircraft. ASAP is committed to simplifying the procurement process through cross-referencing part numbers with CAGE codes and implementing quality control measures, which is why we are the only independent supplier with a No China Sourcing pledge. Every buyer we serve works with a dedicated account manager ready to create customized solutions to your procurement problems.

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Manufacturer's List of Engine Oil Inlet Connection

Part Number's List for Engine Oil Inlet Connection

Part No. RFQ
8945300290 RFQ

Relevant Components for Engine Oil Inlet Connection

01 02 07 kit engine rt front baff 01 10 02 kit engine mt attach modi 01 23 06 mount assy engine contr
02 07 01 duct eng air inlet 02 08 02 fitting assy engine mo 02 09 07 baffle engine right rear
02 10 04 baffle assy engine front 02 11 04 baffle assy engine left 02 18 04 cover assy eng filter
02 19 01 cowl assy engine bottom 02 19 01 exhaust plug engine 02 19 01 inlet plug engine
02 19 07 engine mount 1974 and up 02 20 04 rod assy engine nacell 02 21 05 mount assy eng nose gear
02 26 01 engine sling 02 27 02 kit eng primer mod pa44 03 03 03 engine mount assy dynafoc
03 03 03 mount assy engine 03 05 03 engine cowl topside righ 03 07 01 baffle assy eng front ce
04 02 03 tube eng breather 04 04 07 cowl assy eng top complet 04 15 02 tube engine breather
04 15 04 box assy eng air filter 04 21 03 placard starter engaged 04 22 02 fitting assy engine mo
04 29 09 kit engine control modifi 05 05 03 baffle assy engine right 05 08 03 baffle assy engine
05 08 03 fitting engine mount cent 06 23 03 mount assy engine 06 26 07 filter engine
06 30 03 gauge eng torque dwg 291 07 01 03 mount assy engine 07 17 02 kit engine air inlet duct
08 12 02 kit battery and engine ground 08 13 01 tube engine breather 1 2 spirap 12 length
1 2 spirap 3 length 1 2 spirap 6 length 1 4 spirap 6 length
1 8 heat shrink 1 length 1 8 spirap 2 length 1 8 spirap 3 length
1 8 spirap 8 length 10 02 01 tube engine pac 48035 10 09 03 shroud assy l engine alt
10 20 03 bracket eng 10 22 02 cover eng control 10 26 09 engine mount assy
10 31 00 lug engine rear baffle at 10ml high strength 1 10 11 05 02 mount assy engine
11 27 02 cover ass y engine contro 12 02 03 kit eng breath tube win 12 05 01 cowl assy engine bottom
12 30 02 stack assy left engine 12 alpha engine modif 12alpha engraved plate
172s passenger briefing card 182t passenger briefing card 2 lp engine valve
2 or 3 passenger window left o 2003 seb single engine summa 206h passenger briefing card
21x36 inch length 230 hp engine 2302 5 tape 1x36 inch length
24v engine 24v engine cessna reman 24v engine new
24v engine reman 24v reman engine 24vengine
250 c30 engine assy 2instruction plate english 300zt01y01 engine torque test case
4 ft length tubing 425eng log 429 passenger door egress window k
429 passenger floor protector kit 50 hp cht 435 eng 50 hp cht 480 eng
50 hp cht go eng 50 hp cht gso eng 737 300 aft eng core
737 300 lower eng fan 737 300 upper eng fan lh 737 300 upper eng fan rh
737ng engine cable mod kit 737ng engne cable mod kit 7sc0233 ind eng torq
902 eng conv cat a fuel kit a 65 engine modification kit a p engage pnl bk
a plt diseng r nav a s engage unit a037 5k1 eng air ind o h kit
a10 engage warn 2 a11 engage a3 engage warn
a4 a13 engage a4 engage card a6 engage lock and bank cutout
absorber shock engine ac products inc engine fuel pump l accel eng high temp
accelerometer eng accelerometer engine accelerometer engine hums
accelerometer engine vibration access cover engine firewall access door engine after body
access dr eng t r rh access panel 2 eng access panel 3 eng
accessory seat passenger attachmen accumulator assy passenger door acrylic insc assy engine control
acrylic inscription engine acrylic plate w english inscripti actuator assy engin
actuator assy engine feed sov actuator elect enge actuator engage
actuator engine actuator engine 2 actuator engine air
actuator engine control box actuator linear engine actuator passenger door
adapt engine flushing adapter aft engine handling adapter aft engine lifting
adapter assem tee engine bleed ai adapter assembly eng adapter assembly eng oil breather
adapter assembly engine adapter assy eng int adapter assy engine
adapter attaching engine assy adapter cable atc cable atc leng adapter cable nav cable nav leng
adapter cooling eng adapter diesel engi adapter eng
adapter eng air bl power plant adapter eng intake adapter eng turning
adapter engine adapter engine acft adapter engine air
adapter engine air inlet pad adapter engine blee adapter engine compressor
adapter engine cons adapter engine cont adapter engine cool
adapter engine cyli adapter engine emer adapter engine exha
adapter engine fan adapter engine feed adapter engine feedline assembly
adapter engine fuel adapter engine hoisting adapter engine hous
adapter engine lube adapter engine moun adapter engine oil
adapter engine rear adapter engine seal adapter engine stand
adapter engine star adapter engine supp adapter engine to g
adapter engine tran adapter engine turbine adapter engine turning
adapter engine valv adapter engine vw adapter engine water wash kit
adapter engine wing adapter exhaust engine air adapter fitting eng
adapter fuel eng adapter fuel engine adapter gearbox to engine
adapter kit engine adapter kit engine comp wash adapter lifting engine assemb
adapter lifting engine sling adapter link engine adapter lower engi truss asse
adapter lower engine truss assem adapter mtg engine adapter oil cooler engine
adapter oil scaveng adapter oil scavenge pump adapter pressure and scavenge
adapter pump engine adapter rotating engine comp adapter scavenge
adapter scavenge ou adapter scavenge pump turbo adapter scavenger
adapter set engine fuel flow adapter shaft engin adapter side eng mt
adapter test engine diffuser adapter top eng mt adapter turbine eng
adapter turbo scavenge pump adaptor assem eng bleed air adaptor assy engine
adaptor assy engine intake adaptor eng fuel feed adaptor eng oil pres
adaptor engine fuel adaptor jack engine beam adaptor scavenge
adhesive high strength 10ml adhesive high strength 50ml adhesive med strength 250ml
adjuster rpm engi adjustor fuel component engine adpt mount engine a
af eng sys processor aft door passenger window aft eng mount l h
aft engine beam assy aft engine cowl aft engine isolator
aft engine isolator core aft engine mnt assm aft engine mo left
aft engine mount aft engine mount assy aft engine mount r h
aft engine right aft passenger window lh or rh aft scavenge ejector
afterbody assy eng nac afterburner turbine engine aftercooler engine
ah 64d airframe eng ah 64e airframe eng air box assem eng
air box assem eng instal air box assy io 540 engine air cleaner engine
air filter engine air inlet assembly engine air inlet assy engine nacelle rh
air inlet cooling engine cowl lowe air intake assem engine air intake engine
air intake turbine engine airbox assy engine aircraft engine
aircraft engine sys airstair assy passenger do airstair assy passenger door
akpd laser engraved al aly 78 in lengths ms20001ph3 al aly ase 15 lengths 110 001 1
alarm engine temp alignment tool engi allison engineinox steel dr
alternator 5 kva engine nacelle alternator aircraft engine alternator assy eng
alternator assy hartzell engine t alternator engine alternator engine a
amplifier passenger address ampliflier passenger address analizer engine
analyzer engine angle 80 length angle aft eng mount
angle attach nac instal eng angle attach passenger door fsir angle baffle assem eng
angle baffle assem engine angle baffle assembly engine angle baffle installation engi
angle bonded 36 length angle bonding 80 length angle clip control instl eng
angle cowl assem aft eng angle cowl assem eng angle cowl instal eng
angle eng cowl angle eng sprt beam angle engine
angle engine air du angle engine air duct angle engine contr
angle engine cowling angle engine enclosure angle engine fire ext
angle engine nacelle instl rh angle engine starting system angle flange assem eng cowl
angle fwd eng mtg angle inner engine angle lh cowling instl engine
angle lh eng mt undrilled angle lh engine angle lh engine mount
angle lower longeron passenger d angle lower longeron passenger do angle nacelle installation engin
angle nacelle installation engine angle nose bug eng cowl angle nose cowl assem eng
angle passenger door angle passenger door stair undril angle pre preg 80 length
angle reinf engine control box angle rh cowling installation engi angle rh flange assembly engine
annunciator lit yd eng antenna engine apron assy engine nacelle
apu eng oil fltr apu engine apu engine gnd cable
apu engine mounts armature engine armature engine fue
armature engine sta armor assembly engi armor engine nacell
armor plate engine arriel engine washing installation arts kit diesel eng
arvico 400 hetz deutz engine arvico hetz cummis engine as and t english placard 7000 05
asbestos sheet engi ash tray passengers asi vsi tcas eng
assembly engine strap assembly front eng strap assy eng hose fuel test
assy front eng mou assy fwd engine mount yoke rh assy gear shaft gear shaft lengt
assy pcb passenger ctrl l h assy pcb passenger ctrl r h assy wiring engine control
atomizer diesel eng atp flt engineer prepware attach angle nac instal eng
attaching fwd engine attachment assem engine mount attachment engine
attachment upper eng mount audible eng out audio panel control passengers
aussengeh use auxiliary engine auxiliary set engin
auxiliary set engine driven avenger mg and dete avi engine drain cock bj1000ah4t
axe passengers comp axial engine assemb b d quick eng chg
back baffle assem eng back rest assy passenger seat back strip baffle instal eng
backboard full leng backbone assy eng cow backbone engine nac
backing plate engin backing strip eng baffle instl backing strip eng baffleinstal
backing strip eng baffleinstl backplate engine backplate non aircraft engine turbocharger
backshell connector engine harne backshell fus eng badeplate engine co
baffle airflow aircraft gas turbine engine baffle airflow aircraft reciprocating engine baffle airflow diesel engine
baffle airflow engi baffle airflow engine baffle airflow nonaircraft reciprocating engine
baffle and bump baffle assembly eng baffle angle engine baffle ass y eng right
baffle assem baffl instal engine baffle assem baffle instal eng baffle assem eng
baffle assem eng instal baffle assem eng instl baffle assem eng lh rear
baffle assem eng rear baffle assem engin baffle assem engine
baffle assem engine c baffle assem engine ins baffle assem engine inst
baffle assem engine instal baffle assem engine instl baffle assem engine rear
baffle assem l rear eng baffle assem lh enginewith air c baffle assem lh rear eng
baffle assem r rear eng baffle assem rear engine baffle assem rh rear eng
baffle assem rh rr engine baf baffle assem rh side aftrh engine baffle assem rh side engine
baffle assem rr eng baffle assembly eng baffle assembly eng installlation
baffle assembly eng rh rear baffle assembly engine baffle assembly engine canted
baffle assembly engine instl baffle assembly engine io 52 baffle assembly engine io 520 e
baffle assembly engine le baffle assembly engine ri baffle assembly lh engine
baffle assembly rear engine baffle assembly rh engine baffle assembly rocker box eng
baffle assy eng baffle assy eng ba baffle assy eng crank cas
baffle assy eng l h frt cpt baffle assy eng left fro baffle assy eng left rear
baffle assy eng lf complete c383 baffle assy eng lf side frt baffle assy eng rear lf
baffle assy eng rt fron baffle assy eng rt front baffle assy eng spray shield uppe
baffle assy engine baffle assy engine baffle baffle assy engine front
baffle assy engine lef baffle assy engine left baffle assy engine left f
baffle assy engine left r baffle assy engine left rear baffle assy engine left s
baffle assy engine mount center baffle assy engine mount left baffle assy engine mount right
baffle assy engine r h baffle assy engine rear cen baffle assy engine righ
baffle assy engine right baffle assy engine right side baffle assy engine rt side aft
baffle assy engine sid baffle assy engine spray shield l baffle assy engine spray shield u
baffle assy engine sprayshield lo baffle assy left rear engine baffle assy lft fwd lft and rgt engine
baffle assy lh rocker box engi baffle assy rh rocker box engi baffle baffle asse eng
baffle baffle assem eng baffle baffle assem eng canted baffle baffle assem engine
baffle baffle assem lh side engin baffle baffle assem lhengine wit baffle baffle assem rear eng
baffle baffle assembly eng baffle baffle assy engine left baffle baffle instal engine
baffle baffle installation eng baffle baffle instl engine baffle baffle instl io 520 eng
baffle baffle rh side engine baffle bearing turbine engine baffle brkt engine b
baffle ctr rear engine baffle eng baffle eng baffle
baffle eng baffle center baffle eng cprsr baffle eng lh rear
baffle engine baffle engine aft baffle engine baffle
baffle engine bottom baffle engine compa

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