Marine diesel engines and their main components and parts

Marine diesel engines are engines used to turn the main propellers on marine ships. These engines are made up of several different components, with each component having a specific function to make the engine work as a whole. 

There are 11 main components that make up the engine and they are as follows:

  1. Bedplate: The foundation block for the two-stroke engine, it is built to withstand the constant force from the engine, but is also flexible enough to handle constant fluctuation.

  2. Crankshaft: It is the main component behind transmitting power to the propeller shaft

  3. Camshaft:  Controls and operates the main three valves (Inlet, Exhaust and Fuel Injector) within the engine— each valve produces at different speeds

  4. Frame Box: The frame that essentially supports the bed plate

  5. Piston: Used to convert the force of expanding gases into mechanical energy during the process of combustion

  6. Piston Rings: Seal the piston therefore, sealing the combustion chamber preventing gas from leaking into the piston and surrounding areas

  7. Liner: Provides a durable and heat resistant combustion chamber, preventing combustion products from escaping into the engine itself

  8.  Connecting Rod: Takes power from the piston and transfers it to the crankshaft

  9.  Cylinder head: Supports the valves (Inlet, Exhaust and Fuel Injector) necessary for operation

  10. Inlet and exhaust valves: Inject fresh air into the combustion chamber and eject byproduct out of the chamber

  11. Turbocharger: This component increases the overall power and efficiency of the engine

Each component plays an important role in powering and running a marine diesel engine. But the engine can’t run unless all components are in place and are in working condition.

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