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At Aviation Purchasing Platform, we are working to innovate the parts procurement process like never before. We are doing this by making aviation hardware such as 4904T67P01, BACC10CC112C, BACC10CC12, BACC10CC32, BACC10CC36C immediately available to each of our customers through simple, convenient business exchanges. Aviation parts like Clamp U from trusted manufacturers including General Electric Co, Boeing Aircraft Co are part of our unrivaled inventory of over 3 billion parts. Each part is listed with a part number, manufacturer name, and NSN code allowing customers to easily find the part that fits their parameters. To see what has made Aviation Purchasing Platform an industry leader, submit an RFQ today.

Manufacturer's List of Clamp U

Part Number's List for Clamp U

Part No NSN Manufacturer QTY RFQ
4904T67P01 NA general electric co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC112C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC12 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC32 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC36C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC48C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC56C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC64C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC64S NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC80C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10ER2-80AP NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW24A NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW28B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW32A NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW32B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW36B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW48B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW56A NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW56B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF10 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF10D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF12D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF14D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF16D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF24C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF26C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF32 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF32C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF40D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF6C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB06C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB08C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB10C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB14C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB28C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HC12A NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HG24C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HT11 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HT14 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HT20 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HT23 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HT28 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ

Relevant Aviation aviation-hardware Components for Clamp U

yellow cush clamp xtr rf 15w 50v class c avionics wrench clamp ring
wrench clamp nut wrench clamp fixture worm drive clamp
wool glassclaremat 1200 1inx60inx4 wire harness kit includes clamps wire clamp vid
wire clamp bolt wire clamp wire antenna cu clad
wipes clarity cleaning wings tb20 rear clamp wings tb10 rear clamp
wings fuselage clamp rod windlace clay wemac clam
weld assy clamp 2 sst valve weld assy clamp 2 1 2 valve sst weld assy clamp
weld assem clamp assem ldg gear s weld assem clamp wedgeclamp
washer simpled 100 alclad alu washer resolver clamp washer dimpled alclad alum al
washer clamping washer clamp w screen clamp top
w screen clamp sid vnyl claret sprtii vinyl claret burgandy
vinyl bordeaux cla video clamp circuit pcb video cable loom class devider
vid cass play clarion vee clamp vee band clamp
vdo clamp circuit pcb vclamp v clamp polar cap
v clamp v bound clamp v band clamp polar cap
v band clamp for engine adapter v band clamp upper clamp ring assy
upper clamp rh upper clamp assy upper clamp
upper clam upper backrest cover culpclagp upclamp s
up clamp s up back cover culpclagpl6811 universal harness clamp kit 4 cy
ungrounded egt probe cla unfeather tool clay groomer unequipped elevator clamp rod
unequipped clamp uk furnished part clamp block uk furnished part clamp assembly
u clamp tyz 25m clamp tydex band clamp
two wire clamp assy 10 sets of 2 two way clamp tuyautsouple clapetar
tubing clamp tube clasp tube clamp c4497
tube clamp assy tube clamp aba 22 32 tube clamp aba 13 20
tube clamp 32 44 tube clamp 1 5 tube clamp 1 4
tube clamp trunnion outlet cla treuil elec 28vdc classe 1
track clamp torque clamp upper half torque clamp pins
torque clamp lower half top clamp assy tool pickup claw
tool clamp assy tool clamp 90 tnc male clamp attachment
tinted class tightening clamp tight clamp use ms28042 1a
tie rod clamp tie down clamp assembly pipe tie down clamp assembly c
tie clamp thomas and betts clamp ty28m thomas and betts clamp ty27m
thomas and betts clamp ty244 thomas and betts clamp ty232m thomas and betts clamp ty 23 m
thermal clamp test tools clamp rear terminal clamp assy
terminal clamp assembly terminal clamp tedlar declam stn first mesa t
tedlar declam tcla cf6 taws computer class b
taws computer class a tape rectangular type 1 class 1 tape glass cla
tape class ii type 1 1 wd tank clamp bracket assy tailwheel spring clamp
tail pipe clamp table lower sia f or class table lower sia f class
tab and clasp assembly tab and clasp ass y t13p clamp
t r b locking clamp t clamp assy t clamp
t bolt hose clamp t bolt clamp assy t bolt clamp
t bolt band clamp syst me d clairage synclamp reverse fan
synclamp swivel clamp assembly switch clam
swissair first class table supp clamp sunvisor assy with clamping block
suction pad clamps sub assy claw plate inner sub assy claw plate
stud solenoid clamp stud clamp assy exh stack stud clamp
strip clatonrite strip clamping strip clamp
striker clamp strap tailpipe clamp assy avpa strap clamping
strap clamp strap assy cable clamping strain relief clamp short
strain relief clamp med strain relief clamp long strain relief clamp 1 1 long
strain relief clamp strain relief cable clamp strain rel clamp rd junct shel
straight cable clamp stirrup and clamp stir and clamp
stepless ear clamp stepless clamp steel equalizer clamp
stay clamp starter generator clamp star gen w o quad clamp
stainless t bolt clamp stabil mouting clamps renforced st clamp
st clair adhesive ss clip safety pin boom clamps spring seal clamping
spring leaf clamper push spring exhaust clamp spring clamp disc
spring clamp spring boot clamp damper split clamp
spindle clamp spgclamp speed clamp
special clamp spar clamp spacer mag clamp
spacer loop clamp spacer exh clamp spacer clamp beam walking
spacer clamp assy spacer bracket loop clamp sp91j clamp
solenoid clapper snap clamp 45mod engharns snap clamp
smoke deteclavatori small side sm tube d man clamp faa small auger d man clamp faa pma
slv shrink 0 187 class i slv shrink 0 062 white class i slide lock clamp
sleeving shrink 1 class 1 sleeving shrink 0750 clas sleeving shrink 0500 clas
sleeving shrink 0 250 clas sleeving shrink 0 187 clas sleeving shrink 0 125 clas
sleeving shrink 0 093 clas sleeving shrink 0 062 clas sleeve shrink 0 500 black class
sleeve clamping block sleeve clamping bloc sleeve clamp up mlg
sleeve clamp up sleeve clamp slave valve heating clamp
sl 1056 02 19 03 clamp tube single wire clamp assembly 10 set single loop clamp
side lock clamp side grip clamp shellclamp actuator nose lg
shellclamp actuator main lg shell clamp shell assy clamp
shell assy clam sheet al 2024 clad shaft clamper arm
servo mount clamp servo cable clamp assy matched p serre cable cable clamp
serflex clamp sx510 19 serflex clamp sn8 62 82 p n sx 8 serflex clamp sn8 47 67 p n sx 8
serflex clamp sn8 40 60 p n sx 8 serflex clamp sn8 32 52 p n sx 8 serflex clamp sn8 25 45 p n sx 8
serflex clamp sn5 10 18 pn sx 5 serflex clamp sn14 32 52 p n sx 1 serflex clamp sn14 107 127
serflex clamp mh8 092 112 p n fx0 serflex clamp mh13 40 60 p n fx13 serflex clamp mh13 32 52 p n fx13
serflex clamp m13 25 45 p n fx13m serflex clamp fxh8 10 16 p n fx08 serflex clamp fx08m050 070j
serflex clamp fx08m050 070hj serflex clamp fx08 serflex clamp flexinox h8 47 67 p
serflex clamp flexinox h8 32 52 p serflex clamp flexinox h8 24 36 serflex clamp flexinox h8 14 22 p
serflex clamp flexinox 5 10 18 sensor clamp plate semi clamp
seat failsafe valve clamp sealing clamp sealant type 2 class b ra
sealant thickol mc 236 class a2 sealant semkit 6 0 oz class b b sealant proseal class b
sealant fuel tank class b s sealant fuel tank class b 6oz sealant fuel resist 1 pt class b
sealant class b2 sealant amy ac 236 class c 20 seal outbd clamshell nlg
seal clapet seal clamp door handle screw wire clamp
screw hose clamp screw clamping screw clamp to clamp
screw clamp attachment screw clamp screw cap cable clamp
safety clamp saddle clamp ta01c30h16 saddle clamp
saddle clam s2684 1x clamp half s2223 1dg clamp half
s2220 1dg half clamp s2192 1dg half clamp s2154 1dg clamp synchro
s2151 1dg clamp synchro s1689 1dg clamp half s e clapet 125 bar 125 bar valve
s b clamp rvdt clamp plate rubber extrusion for clamp
rubber clamp royal hide clay nj 800xp refurb round clamp a size
round clamp rotor brake clamp rotor assy clamp
rot scissor clamp assy rod clamping robinet clapet
rmi taws unit class b rmi taws unit class a ring fail fix clamp
ring clamping n p ring clamping cell interconnect ring clamping assy n p
ring clamping assy ring clamping ring clampi
ring clamp tank access door ring clamp strobe ring clamp n p repl by 401 746 00
ring clamp educter exhaust ring clamp coll ring clamp assy 701510
ring clamp assy ring clamp assembly ring clamp as
ring clamp access door ring clamp ring assy clamp
ring assembly clamp rim clamp rework clamp block
rework cable clamp retaining clamp retainer clamp assembly
ret of tube clamps ret clamp assy rest agraf clamp 359
reservoir clamp repl cable clams repair kit clamping block
repair clamps repair clam remote bulb clamps
regulator clamp ref clamp reciever clamp
receptacle and clamp rear clamp team rb clamp
ratchet clamp r44 oil line clamp kit r h special clamp
r h half clamp r h clamp r clamp rp
quik ty clamp quick clamp quadrant cable clamp
quad clamp qs100 m8s clamp gs8 h8 qs 200 m88s hose clamp
qad clamp q r boom hng clamp assy sm 502 4 q j clamp
q a d clamp assembly push in clamp psy bezel clamp mount
protractor turbine rotor clamp prop counterweight clamp profile attachment cowling clamp
probe egt ungrounded clamp probe egt clamp type e pot claroslat series
pot clamp post clamp porte clapet valve holder
porte clapet valve door porte carte eclaire g porte carte eclaire d
plt2s76 clamp pliers hose clamp plenum cap and clamp
platine eclairante plateclamp plate side clamp lh
plate serrated guide cam clamp plate seal clamping plate retaining clamp loop
plate plug clamping plate nomenclature assembly plate nomenclature
plate fan clamp seu plate claw fwd rh plate claw fwd lh
plate clamping 15 retract plate clamping plate clamp roller or ball br
plate clamp qf plate clamp mount plate clamp em1
plate clamp brg roller or b plate clamp brg roller 3 00 plate clamp ball joint
plate clamp assy condenser plate clamp apu oil cooler plate clamp
plate clam plate assy cable clamp mounting plastic clamper only
plaquette eclairante plaquet eclair float syst plaque eclairante pdb
plaque eclairant droite pdb plaque eclairage pdb plaque eclairage p d b
plaq eclairante 16 alpha placard slide nomenclature placard nomenclature tail co
placard nomenclature r h placard nomenclature fwd placard nomenclature aft
placard nomenclature a300b placard nomenclature 757 placard nomenclature 747
placard nomenclature 737 placard nomenclature pipe clamp upper
pipe clamp lower pipe clamp blocks pipe clamp block
pipe clamp pin w clip boom clamp pin quick change boom hanger clamp
phplcrd door clamp inst pcp clamp unit pcp clamp counterweight
pcp clamp blade t w z shank pcp clamp blade mv shank pcp clamp blade m p r shank
pcp clamp assembly paste al type 2 class a passenger window clamp al
panel reinforcemnt adel clamp panel divider classi panel declam mounting
paint red claret paint rac clarrette 3 4qt paint rac clarette 3 4qt
paint rac clarette 3 4pt paint dk clay qt paint dk clay gl
paint dk clay 7 8qt paint classic whi ii qt paint classic whi ii pt
paint clarette 7021 qt paint clarette 4323 3 4qt paint clarette 4323 3 4pt
paint claret red paint claret 4323 qt paint claret 3 4qt
paint claret 2357 qt paint claret 2357 3 4qt paint claret 2357 3 4pt
paint claret 2357 3 4gl paint claret paint cinza claro 427u 7 8gl
paint causey claret qt pad clamp xfmr pad clamp
p5011 22 bp mil f 21840 type 1 cla p clamp 9 16 cres p clamp 9 16
p clamp 5 16 p clamp 1 4 p clamp
overcenter clamps for nz outer half clamp osclatr hcmos acmos fct 5v 16mh
osclator orange vest xl class 2 oat clamp assembly
o clamp nylon thread clamp nylon thrd cla ty2
nylon loop clamp nylon clamp black nylon clamp
ny ca clamp 375 nx201b clamp nutplate clamping block
nut turbo exhause clamp pac nut ring clamp w f nut clamping
nut clamp s l 10 32 exhaust nut clamp comp rotor assembly nut clamp
nsa93490118 clamp nsa93490116 clamp attachment inst nsa93490113 clamp
nsa5585d32 clamp nsa5585d24 clamp nsa5585d16 clamp
nsa5585c16 clamp nsa5536 24 clamp nsa5536 14 clamp
nsa5536 04 clamp nsa5522 018 028 hose clamp

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