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At Aviation Purchasing Platform, we are working to innovate the parts procurement process like never before. We are doing this by making aviation hardware such as BACC10HT28, BACC10HT23, BACC10HT20, BACC10HT14, BACC10HT11 immediately available to each of our customers through simple, convenient business exchanges. Aviation parts like Clamp U from trusted manufacturers including Boeing Aircraft Co are part of our unrivaled inventory of over 3 billion parts. Each part is listed with a part number, manufacturer name, and NSN code allowing customers to easily find the part that fits their parameters. To see what has made Aviation Purchasing Platform an industry leader, submit an RFQ today.

Manufacturer's List of Clamp U

Part Number's List for Clamp U

Part No NSN Manufacturer QTY RFQ
BACC10HT28 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HT23 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HT20 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HT14 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HT11 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HG24C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HC12A NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB28C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB14C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB10C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB08C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10HB06C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF6C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF40D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF32C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF32 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF26C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF24C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF16D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF14D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF12D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF10D NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10GF10 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW56B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW56A NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW48B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW36B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW32B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW32A NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW28B NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10EW24A NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10ER2-80AP NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC80C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC64S NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC64C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC56C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC48C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC36C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC32 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC12 NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
BACC10CC112C NA boeing aircraft co Avl RFQ
4904T67P01 NA general electric co Avl RFQ

Relevant Aviation aviation-hardware Components for Clamp U

01 150091 001 classic plus bezel 01 150091 003 classic bezel 01 17 02 clamp
01 2 03 clamp 02 07 03 clamp 02 12 09 clamp
032x48x144 alclad 2024 t3 qq a 250 04 20 07 clamp assy 05 16 07 clamp
071x48w al coil clad 2024t3 bs2263 09 23 03 clamp exhaust pipe 1 2 clamp
1 2up clam 10 clamp ps10017 14 5 c4748 105n21 clamp
11 18 02 clamp 11 21 02 clamp 110g24 clamp
12tx200 clamp 135g08 clamp 157597b clamp
15n17 5 clamp 18ax200bs clamp 18tr150bs clamp
18tx500 clamp 18xf120bs clamp 20 nut clamp
2024 0 sheet 032 clad 2024 0 sheet 050 clad 248a clamp
3 4upclam 4060001040 clamp 409 n s 5ks pot 5k 5w r1 r4 cla
40n05 clamp 40n18 clamp 423000 clamp wire rope threaded
4494 clamp 45n21 clamp 50 x 20 x 30 ams 4050 usi class a
508 100 10 clamp 511 100 clamp 53286 1 12 clamp
53286 3 14 clamp 53286 3 6 clamp 542000 clamp
55210 009 005 clamp 55210 012 005 clamp 55210 016 006 clamp
55210 020 006 clamp 55210 024 006 clamp 55210 031 006 clamp
55210 120 008 clamp 55210 120 012 clamp 55211 120dfj clamp
55211 140dfj clamp 55211 1605dfj attachment clamp 55211 160dfj clamp
55211 180dfj clamp 55211 200dfj clamp 55211 2205dfj clamp
55211 220dfj clamp 55211 2505dfj attachment clamp 55211 250dfj clamp
55211 280dfj clamp 55211 360dfj clamp 55211 400dfj clamp
55212bg160z clamp 55212bg180z clamp 55212bg200z clamp
55212bg220z clamp 55212bg250z clamp 55212bg280z clamp
55212bg320z clamp 55212bg360z clamp 55212bg400z clamp
55212bg500z clamp 55212bg560z clamp 55212bg630z clamp
55213 025acl clamp 55213 032acl clamp 55213 050acl clamp
55214 032acl clamp 55214 036acl clamp 55214 056acl clamp
55215 25acl clamp 55215 50acl clamp 55216 365 385 clamp
55222 10ca clamp 55222 12ca clamp 55f21 clamp
55f25 clamp 55g05 clamp 55g06 clamp
55g08 clamp 55g10 clamp 55g12 clamp
55g13 clamp 55g14 clamp 55g16 clamp
55g21 clamp 55g22 clamp 55g24 clamp
55g25 clamp 55g29 clamp 55g6 5 clamp
55p22 clamp 55p25 clamp 55s10 clamp
55s12 clamp 55s15 clamp 55s21 clamp
62361 1 clamp alternator 747 classic base 747 classic cap
747 classic indicator 7sc0185 hose clamp 7sc0251 flange and cla
8 701 clamp 811n16 clamp 8130 3 exempt clamp 1 10
815n10 clamp 815n12 clamp 815n14 clamp
815n16 clamp 815n24 clamp 815n28 attachment clamp
8850 000 clamp 8sc0048 clamp 91010b retainer clamp
91010h retainer clamp 91060 1 clamp half 91060 clamp half
91080 1 clamp half 91080 clamp half 91100 1 clamp half
91120 1 clamp half 91120 clamp half 92656 2 clamp harness assy
955222 018bgl clamp half 955222 022bgl clamp half 955222 045bgl clamp half
955222 050bgl clamp half 984603 028 050 stud clamp a 10 corbin clamp
a 12 corbin clamp a 14 clamp a 6 corbin clamp
a a 55126 type ii class 1 black a1564403 clamp aay assy clamp switch
abm2s at 0 clamp block adapter cable clam adapter cable clamp
adapter cable clamp conn adapter cable clamp to adapter cable clamp to cable bus
adapter cable clamp to co adapter cable clamp to connector adapter cable clamp tocable bu
adapter cableclamp to bu adapter clabe clamp to connector adapter clamp cable to co
adapter kit for x11p david clark additional clamp adel clamp
aft clamp air outlet qcp 010 class 2 air outlet qcp 015 class 3
air outlet qcp 100 class 1 airborne clamp 116a10001 06 al sht clad
al sht clad 0 032 alclad alclad 2024 t3
alclad 2024t3 alclad l166 2 5mm alclad sheet
alclad sheet skin instln rear fu alclad sheet2024t3 aluminum sht clad 020 2024 t3
aluminum sht clad w film both sid an clamp 742 14c an clamp 742 25
an clamp 742 4 hb 10n6 5 an clamp 742 6c an clamp 742 8c
an clamp 742d10c an clamp 742d11 an clamp 742d13c
an clamp 742d14c an clamp 742d18c an clamp 742d38
an clamp 742d42c an clamp 742d6 an742 d12c plainlooptype clamp
an742 d4c plain looptype clamp an742 d6c plain looptype clamp anchor clamp assy
and clamp and clamp toggled ends angle clamp educter exhaust
angle clamp lh angle clamp rh ant wire copper clad s
asn55174 34 10 clamp asna0021 11n04 clamp asna0021 11n06 clamp attachment
asna0021 11n08 clamp attachment asna0021 11n10 clamp asna0021 11n12 clamp
asna0021 11n13 clamp asna0021 11n14 clamp asna0021 11n15 clamp
asna0021 11n16 clamp asna0021 11n20 clamp attachment asna0021 11n22 clamp
asna0021 11n23 clamp asna0021 11n24 clamp asna0021 11n25 clamp attachment
asna0021 11n27 clamp asna0021 11n28 clamp asna0021 11n30 clamp
asna0021 11n31 clamp asna0021 11n32 clamp asna0021 11n36 clamp
asna0021 11n40 clamp asna0021 11n53 clamp asna0021 11n64 clamp
asna0021 15n05 clamp attachment asna0021 15n08 clamp asna0021 15n10 clamp
asna0021 15n11 clamp asna0021 15n12 clamp asna0021 15n14 clamp attachment
asna0021 15n15 clamp asna0021 15n18 clamp asna0021 15n19 clamp
asna0021 15n21 clamp asna0021 15n22 clamp asna0021 15n23 clamp
asna0021 15n24 clamp asna0021 15n25 clamp asna0021 15n27 clamp
asna0021 15n29 clamp asna0021 15n30 clamp asna0021 15n32 clamp
asna0021 15n33 clamp asna0021 15n34 clamp asna0021 15n40 clamp attachment
asna0021 15n45 clamp asna0021 15n50 clamp asna0021 15n56 clamp
asna0021 15n57 clamp attachment asna0021 15n60 clamp asna0021 21g05 clamp attachment
asna0021 21g08 clamp asna0021 21g10 clamp asna0021 21g12 clamp
asna0021 21g13 clamp asna0021 21g14 clamp asna0021 21g15 clamp attachment
asna0021 21g16 clamp attachment asna0021 21g17 clamp asna0021 21g18 clamp
asna0021 21g19 clamp asna0021 21g1c clamp attachment asna0021 21g20 clamp
asna0021 21g21 clamp asna0021 21g22 clamp asna0021 21g24 clamp
asna0021 21g25 clamp asna0021 21g28 clamp asna0021 21g30 clamp
asna0021 21g32 clamp asna0021 21g34 clamp asna0021 21g50 clamp
asna0021 21g56 clamp asna0021 21g57 clamp asna0021 21g6 5 clamp
asna0021 21g60 clamp attachment asna0021 21g81 clamp asna0021 21g9 5 clamp
asna0021 21p08 clamp asna0021 21p20 clamp asna0021 25f03 clamp
asna0021 25f06 clamp asna0021 25f08 clamp asna0021 25f10 clamp
asna0021 25f12 clamp asna0021 25f33 clamp asna0021 25g05 clamp
asna0021 25g07 clamp asna0021 25g08 clamp attachment asna0021 25g09 clamp
asna0021 25g10 clamp asna0021 25g13 clamp asna0021 25g14 5 clamp attachment
asna0021 25g15 clamp asna0021 25g16 clamp attachment asna0021 25g17 5 clamp attachment
asna0021 25g17 clamp attachment asna0021 25g18 clamp asna0021 25g21 clamp
asna0021 25g22 clamp attachment asna0021 25g23 clamp asna0021 25g24 clamp
asna0021 25g26 clamp asna0021 25g27 clamp asna0021 25g28 clamp
asna0021 25g30 clamp attachment asna0021 25g33 clamp asna0021 25g35 clamp
asna0021 25g36 clamp asna0021 25g40 clamp asna0021 25g48 clamp
asna0021 25g49 clamp attachment asna0021 25g50 clamp asna0021 25g54 clamp
asna0021 25g56 clamp asna0021 25g6 5 clamp asna0021 25g64 clamp
asna0021 25g70 clamp asna0021 25g76 clamp asna0021 25p05 clamp
asna0021 25p06 clamp asna0021 25p07 clamp asna0021 25p10 clamp
asna0021 25p12 clamp asna0021 25p13 clamp attachment asna0021 25p14 clamp
asna0021 25p16 clamp asna0021 25p18 clamp asna0021 25p21 clamp attachment
asna0021 25p22 clamp asna0021 25p23 clamp asna0021 25p24 clamp
asna0021 25p26 clamp asna0021 25p27 clamp asna0021 25p28 clamp
asna0021 25p29 clamp asna0021 25p40 clamp asna0021 25p48 clamp
asna0021 31f19 clamp asna0021 31f21 clamp asna0021 31f27 clamp
asna0021 31g04 clamp asna0021 31g06 clamp attachment asna0021 31g08 clamp
asna0021 31g10 clamp attachment asna0021 31g12 clamp attachment asna0021 31g14 clamp
asna0021 31s06 clamp asna0021 31s08 clamp asna0021 31s10 clamp
asna0021 31s12 clamp attachment asna0021 31s16 clamp asna0021 31s22 clamp
asna0021 31s25 clamp asna0021 31s28 clamp attachment asna0021 31s30 clamp attachment
asna0021 31s32 clamp attachmnent asna0021 31s36 clamp asna0021 31s38 clamp
asna0021 31s40 clamp asna0021 31s41 clamp asna0021 35g06 clamp attachment
asna0021 35g10 clamp asna0021 35g14 clamp asna0021 35g16 clamp
asna0021 35g17 5 clamp attachment asna0021 35g22 clamp asna0021 35g24 clamp
asna0021 35g25 clamp asna0021 35g27 clamp asna0021 35g30 clamp
asna0021 35g40 clamp asna0021 35g42 clamp asna0021 35g45 clamp
asna0021 35g6 5 clamp asna0021 35p08 clamp asna0021 35p16 clamp
asna0021 35p20 clamp asna0021 35p22 clamp asna0021 35p23 clamp
asna0021 35p30 clamp asna0021 35p32 clamp asna0021 35s06 clamp
asna0021 35s12 clamp asna0021 35s14 clamp asna0021 35s22 clamp
asna0021 35s25 clamp asna0021 35s36 clamp attachment asna0022 71n10 clamp
asna0022 71n12 clamp asna0022 71n120 clamp asna0022 71n18 clamp
asna0022 71n19 clamp asna0022 71n20 clamp asna0022 71n22 clamp
asna0022 71n50 clamp asna0022 75n06 clamp asna0022 75n10 clamp
asna0022 75n12 clamp asna0022 75n14 clamp asna0022 75n27 clamp
asna0022 81g05 clamp asna0022 81s28 clamp asna0022 81s40 attachment clamp
asna0022 85g08 clamp asna0022 85g25 clamp asna0022 85s04 clamp
asna0022 85s08 clamp asna0022 85s10 clamp asna0022 95s06 clamp attachhment
asna0032 036 clamp binding asna0032 142 clamp binding asna0032 157 clamp binding
asna0032 217 clamp binding asna0032 232 clamp asna0032 262 clamp
asna0032 292 clamp binding asna0032 397 clamp binding asna0032h082 clamp binding
asna0032h097 clamp binding asna0032h142 clamp binding asna0032h157 clamp binding
asna0032h187 clamp binding asna0032h202 clamp binding asna0032h352 clamp binding
asna0032h367 clamp binding asna0033 011 clamp binding asna0033 016 clamp binding
asna0033 022 clamp binding asna0033 028 clamp binding asna0033 036 clamp binding
asna0033 045 clamp binding asna0033 060 clamp binding asna0033 067 clamp binding
asna0033 090 clamp binding asna0033 127 clamp binding asna0033 142 clamp binding
asna0033 150 clamp binding asna0033 157 clamp binding asna0033 172 clamp binding
asna0033 187 clamp binding asna0033 217 clamp binding asna0033 277 clamp binding
asna0033 397 clamp binding asna0033 402 clamp binding asna0033h016 clamp binding
asna0033h022 clamp binding asna0033h028 clamp binding asna0033h045 clamp binding
asna0033h052 clamp binding asna0033h067 clamp binding asna0033h082 clamp binding
asna0033h097 clamp binding asna0033h112 clamp binding asna0033h120 clamp binding
asna0033h127 clamp binding asna0033h142 clamp binding asna0033h150 clamp binding
asna0033h157 clamp binding asna0033h187 clamp binding asna0033h202 clamp binding
asna0033h217 clamp binding asna0033h292 clamp binding asna0033h307 clamp binding
asna0033h382 clamp binding assembly band clamp assembly cable clamp bracket mlg
assembly clamp assembly clamp blo assembly clamp block
assembly hose and clamp assembly terminal clamp assy bracket clamp down
assy clamp ring assy claw plate inboard assy collar clamp e i collar cl
attachement clamp damper attaching clamp attachment clamp
attachment clamp damper auger d man clamp faa pma auger sm d man clamp faa pma
auto clamp autoclavite thermal protec c aux ring clamping
back clamp back shell clamp backclamp 90deg
backrest cover culpclagpl6811 backshell 90 deg cable clamp backshell cable clamp
backshell cable clamp to connector backshell clamp backshell d sub cable clamp
backshell d sub cable clamp ki ballrace clamp

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