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Backing Ring – Components & Parts Sourcing

At Aviation Purchasing Platform, we are working to innovate the parts procurement process like never before. We are doing this by making aviation hardware such as 130036568, 713020734, 100045888, 100045781, 712021011 immediately available to each of our customers through simple, convenient business exchanges. Aviation parts like Backing Ring from trusted manufacturers including Ge Aviation, Messier Dowty Inc are part of our unrivaled inventory of over 3 billion parts. Each part is listed with a part number, manufacturer name, and NSN code allowing customers to easily find the part that fits their parameters. To see what has made Aviation Purchasing Platform an industry leader, submit an RFQ today.

Manufacturer's List of Backing Ring

Part Number's List for Backing Ring

Part No RFQ
130036568 RFQ
713020734 RFQ
100045888 RFQ
100045781 RFQ
712021011 RFQ
853000030 RFQ
708040875 RFQ
707042375 RFQ
130036448 RFQ
705043800 RFQ
760000007 RFQ
102638777 RFQ
7759Y32 RFQ
713020708 RFQ
705040550 RFQ
705041500 RFQ
130036210 RFQ
J506826 RFQ
853000009 RFQ
100045773 RFQ
712030809 RFQ
707042400 RFQ
100045884 RFQ
707044375 RFQ
717042960 RFQ
709540009 RFQ
102449-002 RFQ
51358-44 RFQ
236D59 RFQ
705050375 RFQ
9019Y17 RFQ
BM443C08-55 RFQ
712020860 RFQ
853002009 RFQ
MS28774-113 RFQ
201106607 RFQ
102638803 RFQ
100045886 RFQ
6430-007 RFQ
200473615 RFQ
1130101701 RFQ
1130081701 RFQ
341050-221 RFQ
717042950 RFQ
AIR110442 RFQ
707044700 RFQ
9232-039 RFQ
MS27595-111 RFQ
MS27595-140 RFQ
HTE9232-039 RFQ
BM450-5 RFQ
100045768 RFQ
100045770 RFQ
100045750 RFQ
707041200 RFQ
760000051 RFQ
707044500 RFQ
151100604 RFQ
113-033-1702 RFQ
713030910 RFQ
BM844C05-29 RFQ
HTE6430-007 RFQ
K96450 RFQ
705050500 RFQ
BM433-12 RFQ
130036333 RFQ
705040900 RFQ
AIR110442 DS RFQ
705043750 RFQ
707047000 RFQ
201042568 RFQ
705041000 RFQ
113-635-1702 RFQ
705040400 RFQ
201072325 RFQ
130035089 RFQ
707052150 RFQ
BM443C08-20 RFQ
712021011 RFQ
200328708 RFQ
715060500 RFQ
853000033 RFQ
760000047 RFQ

Relevant Aviation aviation-hardware Components for Backing Ring

03 09 04 seat back uncovered black 05 05 03 lh crew seat back 060 rubber sht bac896 brown
09 02 03 seat back assy bench seat 12 26 01 seat back lh std sn mtl c 12mm fluorescent curved back lamp
16 slot cabinet 904back 1in orange flatback tape 2525 seri 2 backrest cover fire test
20 slot backplane 4 backrest cover fire test 50 pin backshell
6 4 seatback svd shroud a1 backplane a10 backplane
a1a1 backplane a1a1a1 backplane a2 backlight
a3 backplane a5 backdrive controller a5 backdrive controller b
a6 backdrive controller a6 backlight a6a2 backlight contr
a7 backlight driver a7 backplane hpu 74 a9 backplane
abs seat back spec color and a c s absorbing foam adhesive back access cover backshroud
acp backplane act assy backup gear ext s b866a actuator back p
actuator backdrive actuator backrest legrest actuator backup beta threaded
actuator feedback actuator upper feedback adapter backsh
adapter backshe adapter chair back adapter feedback
adapter fisbach thread adapter kit piggyback adapter seat back
adapter switch brn bac8328 swit adaptor piggyback mount adater feedback ass y
adf backshell assy aft spar back up crt lh aft spar back up crt rh
airflex bac alt gear anti backlash helical anchor assy tail rotor gearbox bac
angle attach backwall angle back attach lower angle back attach upper
angle back up cab door seal angle backframe angle backup
angle cabin seat back angle lwr back attach angle panel seat back
angle seat back antenna back anti backlash gear
anti backlash gear assembly anti backlash load arcap ay bac 70
ash receiver tobacco ash tray tobacco assembly bezel dummy 4 seatback
assembly cca pac backplane assembly final system backup card assembly led backlight
assembly sub backplane assist handle bac774 wht assy 4 seatback display
assy back cushion cover assy back cushion non h rest assy back fairing
assy back light control bd assy back light pwr cable assy back light pwr supply
assy back panel display assy backfairing assy backing plate
assy backlight assy h rest and back cushion f b assy housing 6 lcd st back
assy oil drain back tube assy plastic g7164 03 brn bac832 assy plastic g7400 01 brn bac832
assy plastic g7400 02 brn bac832 assy plastic g7400 03 brn bac832 assy plastic g7400 07 brn bac832
assy plastic g7400 11 brn bac832 assy plastic g7400 27 brn bac832 assy plastic g7400 28 brn bac832
assy plastic g7400 31 brn bac832 assy plastic g7401 02 brn bac832 assy plastic g7401 03 brn bac832
assy plastic g7401 16 brn bac832 assy plastic g7402 01 brn bac832 assy plastic g7403 01 brn bac832
assy plastic g7404 01 brn bac832 assy plastic g7404 08 brn bac832 assy plastic g7404 xx brn bac 83
assy plastic g7404 xx brown bac 83 assy plastic g7406 03 brn bac832 assy plastic g7406 07 brn bac832
assy plastic g7406 13 brn bac832 assy plastic g7406 18 brn bac832 assy plate bottom chassis back
assy pwb backplane pat p l assy seat back cushion assy seatback electronics
assy shield sdu seatback attach angle lower back attendantbackrestcover lower
aud hdwr brn bac8328 nut 1 1 8 audio storage playback unit aux backplate
aux power flyback transformer auxiliary back up system caravan auxiliary seat back assembly
b cover backrest cover b d seat back assy bac
bac 1 man oxygen generator bac 1 oxygen generator bac 146
bac 2 man oxygen generator bac 3 man oxygen generator bac 4 man oxygen generator
bac 70101 jetflex urethane bac 704 jetflex ra bac 7067 white
bac 8328 jetflex bms 10 83 bac 870 jetflex w r flat ra bac 870 jetlflex w r ra
bac batterie equipe bac cush bac up ring oversized
bac1522 bac1522 1 4 bac1535 29 bms 7 335
bacc 10c 10 bacc 11c 11 bacc 12c 8
bacc 13c 13 bacc 16c 16 bacc 17c 15
bacc 18c 18 bacc 19c 19 bacc 22c 22
bacc 23c 21 bacc 26c 26 bacc 32c 32
bacc 37c 37 bacc 3c 3 2 bacc 3c 32
bacc 41c 41 bacc 43c 23 bacc 4c 4 1
bacc 4c 4 2 bacc 4c 41 bacc 53c 53
bacc 55c 55 bacc 56c 48 bacc 5c 5 2
bacc 61c 61 bacc 6c 6 2 bacc 6c 61
bacc 6c 62 bacc 79c 79 bacc 8c 8 1
bacc 8c 8 2 bacc 8c 81 bacc conn l
back back aasembly c 3919 back and insert plate assy
back and pocket assy b back and pocket seat back aneroid
back angle bracket pilot back asm paded f b back assem chair adjust
back assem padded back assembly back assembly c 3919
back assembly chair back assembly seat back assembly weld
back assy back assy 13 92 back assy 14 92
back assy aft facing center seat back assy ay mousse assise eq back assy c 3662
back assy c 3802 back assy c 3803 back assy c 3804
back assy c3710 back assy c3716 back assy co pilot
back assy compo back assy crew seat back assy divan l h
back assy divan r h back assy mousse assise back assy padde
back assy padded back assy paper towe back assy pass
back assy rear seat c 3900 back assy rear seat left back assy rear seat r h c 3900
back assy rear seat right back assy sea back assy seat
back assy seat c 4110 back assy seat complete c 4178 back assy seat cre
back assy seat crew back assy seat fabric c 3224 back assy seat l h c 3902
back assy seat le back assy seat left back assy seat r h c 3902
back assy seat ri back assy seat rig back assy seat righ
back assy seat right back assy seat right c4007 back assy seat vinyl
back assy seat w headrest back assy simple seat back assy toilet
back assy toilet sea back asy duct cowl back attach angle lower
back attach angle upper back ay 780 back ay cal 780
back ay composi back ay dossier assemble back ay ens dossier
back ay met back ay metadde back ay metal
back ay metded back ay pad 707 back ay pad f c
back ay paddded back ay padded back ay riveted
back ay t c 515 back ay welded back baffle assem eng
back board assy back bone assy cowling as back box
back cabin seat cushion left back cable mount back chassis assembly
back clamp back closeout back color required
back compass back cover back cover assem
back cover assembly back cover assembly rh back cover assembly seating inst
back cover assy back cover assy c b pnl back cover assy rh
back cover central seat 4 place back cover chair back cover coffee maker
back cover front seat ba back cover housse bas de dos back cover housse dos
back cover housse dossier back cover housse dossier sac back cover housse haut dos
back cover housse tissu back cover lh seat 4 places back cover lh seat front 2 plac
back cover ped ext assem back cover pedestal extensi back cover replaced by 809306 11
back cover rh back cover rh seat 4 places back cover rh seat front 2 plac
back cover sheepskin crew seat back cover std recln back cush
back cush ay ens coussin dossi back cush coussin dos back cush coussin nu dossier
back cush mousse dossier back cushion back cushion and headrest
back cushion assembly flight dec back cushion assy back cushion assy carn
back cushion assy pac back cushion assy urban back cushion coussin dossier
back cushion cover back cushion cover assembly back cushion cover assy
back cushion covered sema back cushion crew back cushion crew chair
back cushion foam cover back cushion gray back cushion mod
back cushion p chr back cushion pilot back cushioning blue
back cushioning gray back cvr assy c b pnl back diaphragm
back door porte de dossier back dress cove back end
back fabric cushioning large back fabric cushioning small back fairing
back fairing upholstered back ferrule back filler
back filler pad back firethorne back flang
back flange back flange machining back flng
back flt att seat back foam back foam assy rh
back frame back frame assembly back frame assembly toilet
back frame assy back frame ay back frame ay 5
back frame ay n back frame weld back frame weld assembly toilet
back heat partition back hinge assy back housing sw
back install back insulation back lash tool
back lay up back left shim back lh front assembly
back light back light panel back light unit
back locati back ltg module back lubed tape
back lwr back machined assembly back magazin
back nut back one back pad assy
back padded ass back padded ay back pamel assy
back pan assy covered back panel back panel assembly subpanel
back panel multi format tuner back panel ped back panel pntd
back panel scu assy back partition complement back pilot co pilot s seat m r s
back pilots seat back pivot shroud back plane
back plane bd back plate back plate 1x3 top mount
back plate 21579 gate box back plate 22559 gate box back plate 6 1 2
back plate 6 1 2 sst pump lh brea back plate 6 1 2in sst pump back plate 9561031
back plate a back plate aft l and r back plate alternator fan
back plate and insert assy back plate asse back plate assem
back plate assembly back plate assembly control panel back plate assy
back plate assy 74 6 park back plate assy b 30027 back plate assy brake
back plate assy rh back plate asy back plate case assy
back plate cockpit voice recorder back plate dampener back plate divan
back plate duct as cockpit heat and back plate equipped back plate exchange only 114 388
back plate exchange only 114 800 back plate f fuse back plate gps 500 mounting r
back plate holder back plate kda 430 back plate latch
back plate latch c4647 back plate lumbar back plate m f wa9450 062 266
back plate machined sst back plate pressure plate pin 10 back plate rh ctr undrille
back plate satin silver back plate shim back plate str gen
back plate sub assy back plate w hdwr back plate w met lining
back plt back plt w hdwr back pnl
back pnl assy back pnl assy aft pedestal back pressure manifold assy
back r p back reading light overhead panel back relief cutter
back rest back rest assembly back rest assy
back rest assy aft blue leather back rest assy aft gray leather back rest assy aft leather
back rest assy aft tan leather back rest assy aft vel back rest assy aft velour
back rest assy blue leather back rest assy forward leather back rest assy forward velour
back rest assy fwd blue cloth back rest assy fwd blue leather back rest assy fwd gray cloth
back rest assy fwd gray leather back rest assy fwd tan cloth back rest assy fwd tan leather
back rest assy fwd vel back rest assy gray leather back rest assy passenger seat
back rest assy tan leather back rest central cover back rest cover
back rest cover b rear side red back rest cover beige back rest cover blu
back rest cover blue back rest cover coler bleu back rest cover color beige
back rest cover color blue back rest cover front rh grey back rest cover grey
back rest cover lagon righ back rest cover left back rest cover poncho
back rest cover right back rest cushion back rest cushion assy
back rest foam back rest foam assy back rest front left grey
back rest rear cover grey back rest seat obser back rest structure
back rh front assembly back right shim back ring
back rng back s n required back screw dial indicator
back seat back seat assembly front

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